About Larkhill

Communications has been at the core of our economy and society, from the very beginning. It is key to surviving and thriving. The introduction of digital technology has not lessened the importance of communications, but has radically altered its characteristics and increased the premium on timeliness and media richness. Those who do not or cannot participate are placed at a serious disadvantage, but even those who have the tools need skills to apply them for greatest effect, whilst minimising exposure to risk.

Larkhill helps its clients to realise their dreams, by harnessing digital communications more effectively. We assist them with product and service innovation, supporting market and regulatory analysis along the road to getting the 'go-ahead'. We've been delighted to work with internationally renowned clients in the Broadcasting, Communication Service Provision, Health and Social Media domains. We have also been delighted to work with entrepreneurs at the earliest stage of their journey of innovation.

Where potential innovations challenge current regulatory boundaries, Larkhill can use its industry and regulatory experience to help clients communicate more effectively with policymakers, to illustrate the wider benefits from updating regulation. Our engagements have largely addressed UK and EU policy domains, but we have also assisted with regulatory discussions in Asia and Africa.

We can also support innovators, by helping identify and recruit potential strategic partners to assist in speeding the new product or service to market.

Finally, from our familiarity with leading edge technology development, we help industry and government map out trends and potential scenarios for the future development of communications, so that the policy implications can start to be anticipated and monitored as fledgling technologies take root and grow.

In recent years, we have invested in developing approaches to enabling affordable access - especially in under-connected rural areas. Affordable access is important for ensuring that people everywhere have the opportunity to benefit from access to digital communications. However, affordability and extensive coverage is also vital for the further development of the Internet of Things, where hosts of distributed sensors, for monitoring the environment, infrastructure etc. will help the sustainability of our communities.