Increasing cooperation in media between the UK and China

Recent high level visits by to the UK and China have highlighted opportunities for increasing trade between the countries. A significant area for attention has been the creative industries, which are very important for the UK economy. The outputs of the UK creative industries are admired around the world and brands such as the BBC provide a global reference point for production quality. UK independent producers have led the work in new TV formats, which have scored major successes around the world. Chinese film, TV and radio producers have looked to the UK to help them develop the enormous potential evident in the Chinese market - and help them grow to be able to serve markets outside China too.

The China Media Centre at the University of Westminster has been playing a key role in facilitating interchange between the UK creative industry and leading players in China, such as the Shanghai Media Group (SMG). CMC has delivered many courses for chinese producers, providing them with first hand insights into UK production techniques an excellent understanding of what has shaped the UK market and kept the UK creative industries at the global leading edge.

With new co-production agreements recently signed by Chinese and UK governments, there will be increasing opportunities to work together. From the UK perspective, this means increasing access to the enormous audiences for television, radio, and online services in China. It will also provide opportunities to identify Chinese-produced content and home grown talent which can be applied to wider international market.

Larkhill has been pleased to work with the China Media Centre for many years, delivering courses and lectures on the impact of new technology on innovation in service offerings, production and the creative ecosystem. We have enjoyed working with the visiting Chinese producers from leading companies such as SMG. We congratulate Professor Hugo de Burgh and his colleagues on the great success they have achieved since the centre opened, ten years ago. Many Happy Returns!

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