Our Services

Our understanding of the industry and regulatory environment around Digital Communications in the UK and Europe puts us in a strong place to help our customers map out and seize the opportunities.

Mapping the future

Digital Communications has been fuelled by rapid developments in technology that have extended how we communicate and the content we can distribute or share radically. Technology development continues relentlessly. We help customers map out potential scenarios and explore strategic options to exploit the emerging communications landscape.

We can help you evaluate the feasibility of various options and prepare an evidence base to support decision making within your organisation and to enable industry partners to be recruited to cooperate, where appropriate.

Engaging with policymakers and regulators

Drawing on our experience of working with regulators and policymakers in the UK and Europe, we can help you to frame the messages you need to deliver and determine how best to communicate them In many cases direct engagement with policy makers is the best approach, whilst in other cases it can be more effective to work with partners and demonstrate broader industry support for particular policy directions.

Partnership building

We can help you test the feasibility of your plans and potential for cooperation through dialogue with other interested companies/organisations. The first stages of the work would identify the most useful candidate partners and then shape the propositions that will provide incentives for cooperation.

Bespoke VIP Tours

We arrange themed tours of UK and Europe. This is often in support of building partnerships or evaluating new markets. We help link VIPs with industry and academic contacts of interest - e.g. in wireless/spectrum, new media etc. and build a travel schedule around the meetings. Previous tour clients include Corporate VPs from Microsoft and Dell, for whom we provided action-packed schedules.


We organise themed industry and academic events, often aimed at assisting strategic partnership development or on behalf of consortia. Recent events were organised in Cambridge, Berlin, Glasgow and London.

In support of our focus on improving broadband access, for all, we have developed a seminar on the theme 'Enhancing Connectivity. We have designed and delivered this in conjunction with our partners, Telcoconsulting. So far we have held this in London and Brussels.

Governance review

We help customers review governance arrangements, identifying areas where processes and management practice could be improved - ensuring that stakeholder interests are better protected.

Training and workshop delivery

We develop, organise and deliver courses in New Media, Internet Regulation and Dynamic Spectrum Access for industry and government – often in partnership with major universities.